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Ernst Van Dyk

Ernst was born with a congenital defect which resulted in the incomplete development of his legs and right arm. Nevertheless, at age 38 he is already a veteran of five Paralympic Games and a multiple medallist (including gold at the 2008 Beijing Games) in arguably the most competitive events in disabled sport, wheelchair racing and handcycling. In 2005/6 Ernst received the coveted Laureus award for the world’s best disabled athlete.

Ernst will talk about his life and the road he took to get to the top – overcoming adversity, setting goals, making sense out of setbacks in life and living a dream. It’s about finding meaning in life and making the best of the cards you were dealt. Spend some invaluable time in the company of one of the most consistently successful athletes South Africa has ever produced.

Sporting Career Highlights
– 2016 Paralympic Gold medalist (Rio)
– 10 times Boston Marathon Champion.
– Recipient of the 2002 & 2004 Presidential Golden award for sport.
– 2006 Laureus Award winner – Sport Person with a disability.
– Voted Commonwealth Sports Star of the year for 2004
– Paralympic Team 1992, 1996, 2000, 2004, 2008, 2012, 2016
– Olympic Team 2000
– Multiple Paralympics and World Championship Medalist