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Kenny Gilbert – Motocross

Kenny Gilbert is a National OR1 Off-road Motorcycle Champion in South Africa. Kenny started riding when he was 15 years old, when he also did his first race, and now competes at a national level in in the Off-road and Enduro Championships, amongst others.

Enduro is a form of off road motorcycle sport that primarily focuses on the endurance of the competitor. Offroad racing is a form of racing where the racing takes place on a much longer loop, often consisting of 50kms+, where the bigger class motorbikes compete. The riders return to the pit area as quickly as possible where the pit crew would refuel the bike and complete maintenance needed, whereafter the rider would immediately proceed with racing.

I train twice a day, I either ride and gym or I do a cardio session and gym. I do quite a bit of trail running as well.Kenny hopes to retain his #1 plate for the National Off-roads, chase for the championship in the National Enduros and to finish on the podium at the Roof of Africa!

Kenny’s advice for up and coming riders: To stay humble, work hard and… as Biogen say… #beyourbest! A reminder that Biogen only recommend Informed Choice and Informed Sport-certified products for all pro and/or competing athletes.