Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek

You can watch the daily highlights from the 2017 Momentum Health Cape Pioneer Trek, presented by Biogen, on the Dryland Event Management YouTube channel every night at 20:00 (CAT) during the race. Stay tuned 15 – 21 October 2017.


Building healthy habits for life.

Well I am launched in 2011, and to date, with the collaboration of Biogen and Dis-Chem, we have completed five successful challenges – with life-changing results!

Our challenge may be 12 weeks – but what we’re really promoting is life-long change. We think wellness is about building a foundation of healthy habits that can last a lifetime, so that’s where the well i am journey starts.

We believe that everyone is different – we put as much effort in as possible to personalize the well i am programme whilst still remaining affordable and accessible. well i am is content- and community-heavy, not only offering you support during the challenge, but between challenges as well.