Ex Maties Rugby Player & Now Para-Athlete

Alwyn Uys was diagnosed with a fatal colon disease leading to cancer forming in his intestines in 2011 and was told he would never be able to do any sport ever again if he were to recover from the disease. Not only did he conquer the disease but 2 years later, he went back to play rugby at a semi-professional level for Maties 1st XV. Shortly after returning to the game, Alwyn sustained a career ending injury where he tore his bicep and pec muscle that forced him to leave the game and resort to alternative sports.

As Alwyn was training for his first ever triathlon, he was involved in a car accident where he was at the brink of death after breaking his neck, femur, ribs and back. Alwyn got paralyzed from the chest down in December 2014.

Despite these life shattering events, Alwyn persists to carry on with his life and refuses to give up on life! Having finished his bcom degree from the Stellenbosch university as well as a honors degree from unisa amongst all the adversity he had to endure. Alwyn went on to pursue his love for sport as well.

He became a para rower competing amongst able bodied athletes at the University Sports South Africa regatta and is now pursuing hand cycling, wheelchair racing and is determined to become a para triathlete in order to fulfill his dream of becoming an Iron man. Like he was training for before he became paralyzed.

Alwyn’s philosophy on his life: “I only survived because the fire within me burned brighter than the darkness around me”

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