successful actor & fitness fanatic

This purpose driven, Biogen ambassador is a multi-talented actor, producer, artist and media personality, to name but a few. A familiar face to SA TV screens, Clint is more commonly known for his roles in ‘Backstage’, ‘Generations’, ‘Scandal’ ‘Colour TV’, and more recently a starring role in the Mzansi Magic drama series ‘Rockville’. To go with this, Clint has also appeared in the feature films such as ‘Dollars and White Pipes’ and ‘Swop’.

What many may not see behind the scenes is his absolutely unrelenting commitment to his fitness and physique. Just follow any one of his social media feeds and to see the devotion he has to his own personal wellness goals.

Being a public figure, Clint puts in the hard yards to ensure he looks and feels his best at all times Biogen is proud to be associated with this fitness fanatic and TV superstar.

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