A Classic Bodybuilding Champion

Joe Manjoo came from a difficult childhood, at a key point in his life he became involved in the sport of bodybuilding. He loved it so much, that he ended up becoming an entrepreneur owning and running multiple gyms in his short life.

With a rich and highly successful local career in its prime, he is one to look out for. One of his most notable achievements so far being, the first Classic Bodybuilding Athlete to represent South Africa at the IFBB World Championships after re-introduction into the international arena. He is also the 2016 Arnold Classic Africa Overall, Classic Bodybuilding Champion which has earned him the name Mr Classic. Such is his proficiency in producing consistent top placings in his sport.

Joe prefers to work in silence and is by no means over the top, with a never say die attitude and always willing to help. Joe currently runs a private gym, a healthy meal prep company and is an online coach helping others achieves their aesthetic, lifestyle and bodybuilding goals.

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