Small Town girl turned TV Presenter

TV Presenter – Motivational Speaker – Emcee – Health and Fitness Enthusiast – Entrepreneur – Business Owner and Ambassador.

I am a 24 year old woman from a small town called Idasvalley just outside Stellenbosch. I believe anyone can overcome any circumstances, and I’d like to believe that I am living proof of that. At a young age of 24, I have a few titles ranging from being a Miss South Africa 2014 top 12 Finalist, a Miss Veet 2014 runner-up, a Miss Earth South Africa 2014 Top 10 Finalist and a Top 10 Finalist on Presenter Search on 3 2015, which landed me a presenting job on SABC3 and my current TV Presenter title as a Pasella TV Presenter, on SABC 2. (It airs every Friday on SABC 2, 19H30)

I aspire to inspire young girls to be the BEST version of themselves.

Coming from a small and disadvantaged community, I knew I needed to work hard to achieve or receive anything that I wanted. ‘I knew from a young age that I wanted something different for my life. That I have bigger dreams than everyone else I surrounded myself with, but I knew that I wanted them to dream WITH me.

It took a while to find my ‘place’ or to find myself. The journey was a long one, and not always a pleasant or easy one. I remember taking part in everything at school. From Drama classes, debating, Toast Masters, being on the Eco committee – To trying out all sports I could (Note: I was not good at any Sports! At least I tried, right?) – Trying to find myself wasn’t a great journey as I dealt with a lot of bullying: I believe everything happens for a reason, and we all live and learn – And I certainly learned a lot.

Eventually my journey took me to discover my love for Youth, Business, Education, Entertainment and Television.

It led me to start my own ‘Success Classes’ at three underprivileged schools in Stellenbosch, doing various amounts of charity work, co-owning a Production Company ( , doing Motivational and Public Speaking, Emceeing and Being a Television Presenter.

Purpose of my success classes is to teach young girls:
– Goal orientation
– Take them on a journey – I tell them a story about a Small town girl from Idasvalley, managed to dream big and then follow through on those goals and dreams
– Visions
– Obstacles
– Planning & preparation
– Teamwork
– Striving for excellence
– Mind set to have – winning attitude

‘I am a hardworking and motivated woman. I am a dreamer, believer and go-getter. I am passionate and a lover of life. I take BIG chances and I dream crazy-big dreams: I will end up at the edge of a cliff and I will definitely jump. Sometimes I will fall and most times I fly. Either way, I live & I learn and then I will jump off the next cliff. Many doors close, and that Is okay. I am a fighter, and when one door closes, I know 2 more will open.’

My website and everything I will share on it will purely be to inspire those around me to chase after their dreams and what they want like I did. Because at the end of the day I believe:

Good things do not come to those who wait, good things come to those who get up and work for it.

My philosophy?
‘The Sky is not the limit, the sky is only the beginning’