A concept which has taken SA by storm

Co-founders and owners of the world renowned BUC (Bodies Under Construction) Health and Fitness Club in Sea Point. Home to some of South Africa’s top sportsmen and women, BUC was voted as one of the best gyms in South Africa, with its comprehensive and world class facilities and stunning views of Cape Towns’ magnificent landscape.

The Rothschild brothers are more commonly known for their introduction of the SWEAT 1000 brand and concept, which has taken South African by storm and transformed the way people exercise. SWEAT 1000 was just another example of their ability to track international innovation and creative world fitness trends and pioneer them in SA. What do you get when you mix a party with some hardcore training? Well, if you attend a SWEAT 1000 class, you will find out; … An exhilarating, invigorating, full body workout, combined with your favourite beats, all in the space of 60mins.

Arguably some of the most experienced fitness professionals in the industry, Andrew and Paul have helped thousands of people around the world to look, feel and ‘be their best’, combining their collective expertise, experience and credibility, with a sincere heart for their customers