QUESTION 1: Congrats on your incredible achievement on winning the Comrades Marathon. How did it feel when you crossed that line?
It felt amazing. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. My long life dream came true on the 29th of May. It still feels like a dream. Just amazing!
QUESTION 2: What were some of your challenges leading up to the marathon?
The last 7 weeks of my build up was quite a challenge. I broke my pinky toe 7 weeks before Comrades. This was my biggest challenge before Comrades. I believe things happen for a reason. If this did not happen I could have trained too hard for Comrades.
QUESTION 3:What kind of diet do you follow and how do you stick with it?
My diet consist of eating very healthy and keeping it natural. I love juicing. My day starts in the morning with my own juice that consists of apples, ginger, carrots, lemon and beetroot. The rest of my diet consists of lean protein and fresh vegetables. I love to treat myself with some dark chocolate as often as possible. I love to eat healthy because its part of my life.
QUESTION 4: What is your favourite Biogen product and why?
Biogen Recovergen, the Chocolate flavour. I just love the taste and it’s the best recovery product. I use it everyday after a hard session. I could feel the difference it made when I did not drink it. I could not do all the training in my Comrades training camp without my Recovergen.
QUESTION 5: When running long distances, how do you motivate yourself to keep going, even when you start feeling tired?
I will always remind myself that everyone is getting tired and that I am working towards my dream. I am mentally very tough, I know I need to carry on to reach my goal.
QUESTION 6: Do you follow a specific running and workout routine?
Yes I do. I run every day of the week and I do 3 strength sessions per week.
QUESTION 7: How do you prepare for races?
For my important races like Comrades I will go on a training camp where I can run on routes that will simulate the comrades Route. (GRASKOP TO SABIE)
QUESTION 8: What are your future plans?
My future plans are still to work hard and try and win the Comrades Up Run and also Two Oceans 56km.
QUESTION 9: Do you have any advice for young runners?
My advice for young runners is: Never ever give up on your dreams even if it takes 10 years to achieve it.
QUESTION 10: If you weren’t a runner, what other sport would you do?
I always wanted to do gymnastics.