QUESTION 1: Describe a day in the life of Joel Stransky.
A normal day would start with a morning ride, either out in the cradle at 5am or a Wattbike session at 6.30am.
Then off to the office for a good day’s work at Pivotal Capital, our business that now has 7 companies in the stable, mainly in the technology space. In the build up to IM it would then be a swim or run most evenings at about 5:30pm and home at about 6:30pm, passed out by 9pm!!
QUESTION 2: Was it tough leaving behind professional rugby? How did you move on and find the motivation to build an inspiring career?
My rugby career ended with an injury and having had surgery and then battled on, it was almost a relief when the doctors told me I had to stop. And I have always been someone that looks forward and not backward so I set new goals and went forth to try and achieve them! I did miss the game for a while but found new challenges and passions!
QUESTION 3: What went through your mind when you kicked that World Cup winning drop goal in 95?
Nothing! The whole key to kicking well is to block everything out, to concentrate only on the skill required at that point in time and focus 100% on executing the job at hand. Fortunately it all came together!
QUESTION 4: Where do you see South African rugby going in the next few years?
I am a little concerned about our rugby. Our Super Rugby teams were not good this year and next year we have another team which means our talent will be spread even thinner, and add to this the post RWC exodus of players to Europe and Japan, I think we are going to struggle. The Springboks were also very conservative at RWC and won’t win too much being that predictable!
QUESTION 5: Who do you think should be the next SA Rugby captain and why?
Duane Vermeulen! He is guaranteed his place in the team when on form, he sets a fine example and is respected by all!
QUESTION 6: What advice do you have for young rugby players out there?
Work hard! Talent is not enough anymore as there are loads of players coming through that have similar ability. It is those who are dedicated and work their socks off that make it to the top!
QUESTION 7: How do you stay fit? What diet and exercise routine do you follow?
I do a lot of riding, mainly mountain biking and I do the odd Iron Man. I ride probably 5 times a week, run once or twice and swim once or twice. This obviously ramps for Absa Cape Epic and Iron Man.
QUESTION 8: How has the transition from professional rugby to mountain biking been?
Obviously it was a bit tough in the beginning, learning a whole new skill set and getting cycle fit! But rugby players know how to suffer and this ability has helped, as has the competitive nature!
QUESTION 9: What is your favourite Biogen product and why?
I have a few favourites – the Cytopro RS, the chocolate Recovergen and the Energy Oats Bars.
QUESTION 10: What are your future plans and/or goals?
I will certainly do Absa Cape Epic next year again and I would like to do something overseas! Either an Iron Man or maybe a different mountain bike challenge!