We asked Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Top Billing presenter and Cosmopolitan’s Sexiest Man SA 2014, 10 questions you’ve always wanted the answers to! #Biogen10

QUESTION 1: What do your tattoos symbolize?
Phew so many things, where do I start. They’re kind of like an ongoing map of my life, the story so far. On the inside of each arm I have two dates. The date I was adopted and the date I found my mother. On my left shoulder just below my neck are my parent’s initials, my guardian angels always watching over me. I have a whole bunch of co-ordinates (south and east) on the back of my forearms,of all the very special places in my journey so far. Like where I was adopted,where I grew up, where my nephew was born etc. It’s chronological, whenever I experience something very special. I add the co ordinate. On my ribs I have a saying, “wherever you go, go with all your heart” which then has eleven eagle and swallow silhouettes flying up my ribs, over my chest and down my shoulder and arm. Eleven is my angel number; the saying is self explanatory and perfect for my life as a Top Billing presenter, always traveling, always on some kind of adventure.
QUESTION 2: What do you recommend as an everyday quick workout?
Sweat1000. No doubt. It’s an hour but it flies by. For a super quick workout- 4continuous minutes of explosive burpees, 30 seconds on, 10 seconds rest.
QUESTION 3: What is your typical fitness routine?
It’s difficult to have a routine with all the traveling. I haven’t been home a single weekend this year. Ideally I like to get in at least two sweat 1000 classes a week and 1 or two full body weight workouts if I’m lucky.
QUESTION 4: What is you favourite healthy snack?
A smoothie with Biogen whey protein, banana, peanut butter, cocoa nibs, and vanilla yoghurt.
QUESTION 5: Through all your travels, what has been your favourite destination?
So difficult to say cause we travel to the most incredible places with Top Billing. If I have to chose? A tiny island off the coast of Mozambique called Quilalea. Closest I’ve ever experienced to paradise.
QUESTION 6: How do you keep to a strict fitness routine whilst having such a busy schedule?
I don’t, lol. By there are a few simple tricks that help. When your schedule is hectic and you not getting in enough exercise, at least make sure you’re eating clean and healthy. Something I always do on my travels is rent a bike. It’s great exercise and an awesome way to see a new place. Nothing better than cycling through central park, New York or along the River Thames in London.Integrating sight seeing and exercise is so much fun. And you get in a lot of sight seeing cause you always on the move. For example when I was in Paris I cycled to the Eiffel Tower, then instead of taking the elevator up, I ran up the stairs as high as you can, then took the elevator the rest of the way.
QUESTION 7: What does your everyday routine involve?
Everyday is different, unpredictable, so there’s no routine. But that’s how I love to live life. If I’m not traveling and shooting with Top Billing, I’m either doing photo shoots(modeling), appearances,interviews, acting, writing or seeing family. Working on a movie script at the moment so I love getting in a couple pages on days off.
QUESTION 8: What qualities do you look most for in a partner?
Phew that’s a tough one to put into words cause there’s not like a list of things or a particular type of woman that appeals to me. For me it’s all about a connection, chemistry, which you either have or you don’t. When you do it’s not something you can’t put into words. It’s an impulsive way to live, but it’s the only way I know how.
QUESTION 9: What are you future ambitions and goals for the year ahead?
I’m not really one to plan ahead, very much about living in the moment, the power of now. When you start thinking about what you want in the future you aren’t living in the now and fully appreciating everything you have. If you live lifelike this, completely present, everything is beautiful, and all your ambitions and goals will happen and evolve organically.
QUESTION 10: What advice would you give to someone wanting to start a career in TV presenting?
Develop a thick skin cause it’s tough. You have to be passionate about it, live and breathe it everyday. And always be you. Don’t try molding yourself on other successful celebs and what you think an audience wants to see. “Know thyself, be thyself, so the people may see thyself”