This month we feature the dedicated and competitive Oswald Kydd, this triathlete and cyclist lives for winning and achieving his goals! Read here for Oswald Kydd’s responses in our 10 question challenge #Biogen10

QUESTION 1: How would you describe the definition of living with #noexcuses?
Living life to the fullest regardless of what comes your way.
QUESTION 2: What drew you to doing triathlons?
I got ‘bored’ of just cycling so I looked for something more of a challenge.
QUESTION 3: What is your average daily training routine like?
I wake around 5 am have breakfast then I am out on the road either running or cycling or travelling to the pool for a swim. Occasionally I will train after work.
QUESTION 4: How important is your support system in your everyday life and in your training?
Your support system is very important and not only from family and friends but also work and sponsors such as Biogen and No Excuses.
QUESTION 5: When did you realize your calling was in sport?
I have been competing in sport since 1982 and found that I was good to above average.
QUESTION 6: What keeps you motivated?
I try to keep pushing my limits and proving to people that the ‘physically challenged’ are more than capable of doing things.
QUESTION 7: What are your plans for 2014?
I hope to participate at the Triathlon World Championships in Edmonton.
QUESTION 8: What is your favourite healthy treat and snacks for when you are training?
I enjoy Recovergen Pro from Biogen for after racing and training. During I normally use CARBOGEN LOW GI with the occasional gel.
QUESTION 9: How important is perseverance in your life?
I find persevering makes me stronger, and to break down barriers between many people who compete alongside me.
QUESTION 10: What advice do you have for the South African youth wanting to further their passions in the sport industry?
You have to consistently go to great lengths to attain your goals and you have to be out there day in and day out to not only get better but to be better than the person you were yesterday.