QUESTION 1: What got you into running initially?
I think I was five years old, when I saw people doing a fun run passing next to my house. I had a burning desire to join them. I then did my first race ever which was a 1500m and I got 3rd place overall. That’s where my running started.
QUESTION 2: How do you stay motivated and keep pushing yourself? What motivates you to #BeYourBest?
Dreams and goals that I set, they push me to work hard. It is so amazing when you reach your goal it feels small that’s when you start to dream very big.
QUESTION 3: What other sports do you enjoy?
I love cycling and Multisport Duathlon but I’m also looking forward to do my first triathlon in the future
QUESTION 4: What does a typical day look like for you?
I get up at 4h30 in the morning, I eat my cereal then leave the house at 5 for my 1hr morning run in Medunsa. After training I go home to prepare my house, then eat lunch at 11h30, then drive to work. I start to work at 1pm till 6pm at The Natural Runner, twice a week I start early so that I can join my coach for an afternoon session.
QUESTION 5: What do your diet and exercise routine look like?
I train 6 times a week 2 times a day with Sterkspan Coaching academy, because of my training load I make sure that I’m fully stocked with Biogen vitamins to keep healthy, I also try to eat two different fruits and vegetables per day.
QUESTION 6: What are your favourite Biogen products to use?
Biogen Cytogen and Recovergen.
QUESTION 7: Do you have any advice or tips for young runners just starting out in the sport?
First of all trail running is unique and I call it a family sport, because you meet lot of friendly people and I learned and achieved so much from them. I always say do it with love then the rest will follow. It is all about enjoying the scenery and tackling obstacles along the race but at the end you get big joy.
QUESTION 8: Where is your favourite place to run?
Since I have to travel whenever I want to do my running – at the beautiful, technical, and challenging trail. I enjoy training in Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University sports fields in Ga-rankuwa is used to be MEDUNSA. Groenkloof is always my number one because that’s where I won my first trail race ever in 2009, I still have good memories whenever I train there.
QUESTION 9: What are your plans for the future?
I aim to race more often overseas so that I can be on the same level as Europeans; complete a Comrades Marathon and a 100 miler is also in my future plans.
QUESTION 10: What has been your biggest accomplishment in your career thus far?
I won and became the first ever South African long distance trail running champ, not once but managed to defend my title in 2014. I then won Skyrun Ultra Continental champs in 2015 in Mauritius. I won the Two Oceans Marathon Trail Race twice in 2014 and 2015 and placed 2nd at the Otter African Trail Race in 2014 then 3rd in 2015.