The beautiful and inspirational Tracy McGregor gives us a quick insight into what motivates her to stay fit and healthy in this months Biogen’10! Read all about this South African Supermodel’s love for life and fitness.

QUESTION 1: What made you decide to make modelling your career?
It was something that I always wanted to get into from when I was a little girl. I loved how glamorous it looked and how pretty all the girls looked so it wasn’t a tough decision for me haha.
QUESTION 2: What is the hardest aspect of being in the public eye and trying to stay fit and healthy?
Fortunately for us here in South Africa, being a “celebrity” is nowhere near as crazy as it is in the likes of the USA and UK with all the tabloids and stories that fly around. People tend to be way more respectful in SA which is nice… Although you do get the odd person who feels their nasty opinion of something needs to be put onto a public platform but I personally tend to laugh those off quite easily.
QUESTION 3: How many times a week do you train?
I try get into the gym at least 4 times a week. I have my personal trainer who I train with twice a week, BODYTEC® once a week and then I try fit in another day of cardio or resistance training on my own.
QUESTION 4: What does your average workout session consist of?
I love weight training so I tend to spend a lot of time in the weight section of the gym. Legs days are my favourite and that consists of plenty of squats, lunges and leg machines (leg press, hamstring curls etc.) My trainer also loves the ‘ol kettle bell which is not one of my best but it does get results I must be honest.
QUESTION 5: Do you follow a special diet or lifestyle when it comes to your nutrition?
I totally believe that everything in moderation is key. I eat lots of veggies, I LOVE salad and I’m pretty good with the protein. I eat lots of chicken and fish and I’m now starting to get into eating more ostrich rather than lamb or beef. I do however always give myself a cheat day once a week where I can have whatever I like… Pizza (which is my vice in life), pasta, chocolate… You name it! Keeps me sane hahaha!
QUESTION 6: What is your favourite guilty pleasure when you want to indulge in between
eating healthy?
Pizza for sure!! Bacon, banana, pineapple and feta to be exact 🙂
QUESTION 7: Have you always been dedicated to health and fitness?
I would say that I only really started loving it about 6 or 7 years ago.
QUESTION 8: What is your favourite sports or outdoor activity?
I really like hiking, and beach volleyball is always a winner on a beautiful day.
QUESTION 9: . Is there an inspirational quote that you live by?
“Stay close to anything that makes you glad you’re alive.”
QUESTION 10: And lastly, (and this isn’t biased at all) what is your favourite Biogen product?
I love them all!! I’ve got a whole bunch of stuff that I take every day, ranging from Vit C and Calcium supplements – to Raspberry Ketones and Green Coffee Bean Extract – to my pre-workout and post workout supplements. I really don’t have a favourite hahaha!