There’s no free ride on the gain train. Anyone who wants to reach destination ‘muscle’ needs to pay their dues in the gym and the kitchen.

Gaining serious muscle mass takes dedication, an intense weight training program built around the core compound lifts, and a comprehensive nutrition plan that support your body’s recovery needs to rebuild muscle tissue and deliver the growth you’re after.

Your meals and supplements should deliver the ideal amount of calories to fuel growth and the right macronutrient ratio to add quality muscle mass. While the basics remain constant, aspects will vary slightly depending on your genes, your training history and your current level of conditioning.


Beginners and hard-gainers will benefit most from a bulking diet, which contains high carbohydrate and protein ratios and adequate amounts of healthy natural fats to support anabolic (muscle-building) hormone production.

Eating for Bulk Gains: Consuming sufficient quality calories is the main aim – no dirty bulks! So give the hollow calories from fast-food and convenience eating a skip and focus instead on quality nutrient and calorie-dense foods from natural sources.

Support your bulking diet with a mass gainer supplement formulated with the highest quality ingredients. This will provide all the building blocks your body needs, while making it easier and more convenient to consume all those calories to add serious mass.


Those on the hunt for lean muscle gains require a diet with fewer carb-derived calories than those on a bulking diet. Tilting your macronutrient ratio towards a higher protein intake is a sensible way to add more muscle without adding extra fat.

Eat for Lean Gains: Focus on boosting your protein intake at breakfast and your pre- and post-workout meals – these are the most critical times during the day to make lean muscle gains. You should also snack regularly on high-protein meals throughout the day to provide a steady supply of amino acids to recovering muscles.

Using well-formulated supplements and functional foods during these vital mealtimes is an intelligent way to ensure you give your body a precise protein dose in a rapidly digestible form to help you achieve those sought-after lean gains.



Included in our Gains Guide is a 5-day training split that will assist with lean muscle gains. Combine this with a good nutritional approach and you’re on your way to making gains! 


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