Bulk 45/150 Mass Gain


Informed choice certified. Calorie dense, mass gaining sports supplement. 45 g Quality Protein (Highly bio-available protein source). 150 g Carbohydrates (Calorie dense for rapid mass gain). Multi-vitamin. Stimulant free.
BIOGEN BULK 45/150 is a shake high in energy and protein with a unique protein:carb ratio of 45g:150g, this balance skewed in favour of individuals looking to pick up BULK mass. The extremely high energy content also makes this an ideal nutritional supplement for those with a fast metabolism, or that battle to gain weight in general. In addition to the carbohydrate content, it contains only the best protein sources available, with a very high biological availability. This blend of proteins with their independent absorption rates, results in a steadily staggered assimilation of amino acids, allowing the body to retain a positive nitrogen balance and thus remain in an anabolic state. It supplies the muscles with key macronutrients and much needed building blocks after periods of extreme exertion.

BIOGEN BULK 45/150 derives its source of energy nutrients from a precise blend of carbohydrate sources to help steadily replenish glycogen stores, assist with boosting energy levels during training, help alleviate muscle breakdown after training and promote the overall bulking up process. The key to any successful ‘bulking’ or mass gain program is to ensure that (at minimum) more kilojoules are consumed than expended. For most individuals it is difficult to obtain the kilojoules needed from a staple diet, so supplementing with a high energy shake will only increase the potential of picking up the desired mass faster. In addition, Biogen has added a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral and antioxidant blend to the formula

Dosage & Direction for use

Add ±4 rounded scoops (226g) to 650ml of cold water.
Mix thoroughly in a blender or a shaker for about 30 seconds.
Have two to three servings daily.
Children 12yrs+ can take half a serving twice daily, if required.

Supplement Facts

Other Product Information

Consult with your doctor prior to use, especially if you have a medical condition.
Not suitable for pregnant/lactating women, or individuals under the age of 12.
Only effective in conjunction with a mass gain training programme.