As a fundamental brand ethos and policy, Biogen does not condone the use of banned substances or drugs in competitive sport. When it comes supplement usage for Professional and Competing athletes, we ONLY recommend the use of products that have been tested for banned substances by suitable bodies such as LGC in the UK, which offer one of the best risk management and certification options in the world, including their ground breaking Informed Choice and Informed Sport programs.

Despite great advances in a previously less regulated sports supplement industry, we believe that the onus is ultimately on the athlete to use discretion and wisdom in choosing what they put into their bodies. Whilst no single Biogen product is formulated with any banned substances at development level, the risk and possibility remains for isolated incidents of cross contamination to occur at manufacturer level. With that in mind, we have a responsibility to offer a range of ongoing tested products available to both consumers and competitive athletes alike.

The below are certified by either Informed Choice and Informed Sport, and we are proud to offer this select range of crucial nutritional products. For more information on Biogen and other supplement products part of the ‘Informed’ programs, see the links below. Over and above these resources, our advice is to do your own research, check the WADA list annually and make sure you have a full understanding of what you use.