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High quality meal replacement protein shake with stevia. Sustained release of proteins with digestive enzymes. Low GI Carbohydrates and MCT Oil. Blood sugar stabiliser, source of fibre. Complements an energy restricted diet. BIOGEN DIET PROTEIN SHAKE provides a supplement option for the individual looking to supplement a balanced, energy-restricted diet plan. The blend of proteins with their independent absorption rates, results in a steady staggered assimilation of amino acids, allowing the body to retain a positive nitrogen balance. BIOGEN DIET PROTEIN SHAKE provides carbohydrates (including low-GI) and MCTs as energy sources.

The choice of carbohydrates, combined with protein, will allow the body to steadily replenish glycogen stores whilst avoiding an excessive influx of blood sugar, potentially resulting in unwanted cravings. BIOGEN DIET PROTEIN SHAKE is completely free of highly refined sucrose. We have included a multi-vitamin/multi-mineral blend in the formula. BIOGEN DIET PROTEIN SHAKE is the ideal supplement for weight-conscious individuals looking for an easy to prepare, compact meal replacement/snack.

Dosage & Direction for use

RECOMMENDED USE: As a nutritional supplement add ±2 scoops (40 g) to 250-300 ml cold water. Mix thoroughly in a blender or shaker for about 30 seconds. Have 1-2 servings daily.

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