Something NU from Biogen

Biogen has joined the booming ‘nutricosmetics’ industry with its exciting new and beautifully designed RE NU range. Look out for the Hair Skin & Nails, Collagen + Skin, Beauty Shake and Bronzing products in selected Dis-Chem stores nationwide (from January 2021).

REvive, REjuvenate & REstore. The all new #ReNu #Nutricosmetic supplement range to renew your natural radiance from within.

Collagen & Skin

RE-GENERATE from within with #ReNu Collagen & Skin capsules. The advanced #Nutricosmetics skin health supplement to:

- Reduce the signs of ageing.
- Maintain healthy radiant looking skin.

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Hair, Skin & Nails Capsules

RE-PAIR from within with #ReNu Hair, Skin & Nails capsules. The advanced #Nutricosmetics beauty complex to support:

- Hair quality and colour.
- Maintain skin hydration.
- Strengthen and improve nail thickness.

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Bronzing Capsules

RE-JUVENATE from within with #ReNu Bronzing capsules. The advanced #Nutricosmetics beauty complex to:

- Enhance skin tone and glow.
- Prolong an existing tan.
- Protect the skin from oxidative stress and damage to the skin.

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Beauty Glow Cocktail

RE-VITALISE from within with #ReNu Beauty Glow powder. The advanced #Nutricosmetics beauty cocktail to:

- Improves skin elasticity and appearance.
- Reduce wrinkles and signs of aging.
- Revitalise the skin.

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